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Coaches should know their boundaries and I believe this guy got everything he deserved.

They could be transgender. Talk you way out, walk away. Young chinese girl sex. The important part here will be for her to keep her cool. Slapping girls ass. Especially if there are multiple people reporting the issue, they will get this sorted out quick. I think he didn't do much about the man tapping his kids ass because the man was gonna get something much worse, having to pay 80 grand to the FBI as well as getting a 2 year sentence, so the man got what he deserved about tapping her ass.

Probably not the best idea, but I would at least start a rumor that the following Monday will be National Nut-tap day. Its psychological, if I had to guess its about the whole alpha male complex. Nobody saw it, so they're completely incapable of sending a teacher or guidance counsellor around to talk to everybody about bodily autonomy and consent?

Keep a copy of the letter yourself.

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As important as where, is how you land it. They sure as hell can do something about it. Red hair pubic. Slapping girls ass. Added to say for the love of god don't teach your kid to hit people in the face. Make a police report and perhaps when you go to the station bring advocate with you if you're able.

Some people seriously underestimate both the number of misunderstandings and false accusations that take place. I don't normally advocate for violence. Maybe it is also National Cup Check Day.

I am going to be making calls today. Safe-words must be in place.

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