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With a final shake of her bare fanny, she was in the room, the door swinging shut behind her.

A wave of guilt hit me and I realized what a selfish shit I was being. White wives and blacks. She had never had an enema before but she had heard stories about them and knew it was something she never wanted to experience. She wanted to close her legs, the straps holding her tightly. Free erotic medical stories. Michael did not like to be disturbed during testing. He is a new intern so if he seems a little blunt, take into account that he has not had the practice that the others have.

Michael smiled at her. Looked right into her eyes while I pumped up the sleeve and released it, recording a very UP systolic. She quickly pulled it back around her as she stepped on the scale. They seemed to be joined, stimulating her from both sides, her asshole clenching on the finger moving inside, her pussy pulsating on the digits, lips clenched tightly around the fat fingers stretching her wide.

Only the vaguest hint of breath came through his mask, but the what little came through sent a shiver up my back.

Michael let his finger slip between her legs again from behind and softly rub along her cum-soaked pussy lips.

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The dampness between my legs gives away my inner turmoil.

This introductory phase of the exam was taking too long. Tit pics free. As the doctors fingers pound my eager puss, he looks on in amazement, as I suddenly erupt, sending a stream of my hot, aromatic cum spurting out all over the examination table beneath me, soaking the white paper towel.

I used her first name to put her at ease. He is in heaven now, his fingers slipping deep inside my tight, quivering puss, the aroma of my hot juices filling the room. Free erotic medical stories. How do you feel? In reality, this is a lie - in fact I lost my virginity when I was 17 "Oh, I see, er There were only thin walls separating us from the assistant outside. I'm sure I had her confidence now, and she knew how thorough I had been to this point. The date was July

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